Tardast - Marwa (CD + BOOKLET)


- 52 Page, A6 booklet.
- Full colour print on 100% recycled paper.
- Includes artwork and lyrics.
- Housed in 100% recycled paper sleeve.
- Mini CD (Mixed).
- Includes digital download.

CD Tracklist:

01. Azoon
02. Ritalin
03. Goriz
04. Binawa
05. Mardom
06. False No

*MP3 and WAV digital download available when purchased.

“Marwa (Omen) is a query between times... research from the past, to today, from the true stories, an Iranian Kid born in 90’s Tehran. A kid who’s been victimised by the wrong educational system and financial deprivation, just like thousands of youths who live under the regime of oppression and world sanctions.”

- Tardast